Getting people together to do good things

Who to invite?

We’re going to be having a launch party in London to tell people once the site is up and running and people have done some good things. So we’re thinking about who to invite.

Traditionally, the process for this is to go through your address book/LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter buddies/the list for the last big thing you did and go “Yes, she’d be good” or “Oh god, not him, definitely not him…” And then go “Ooops we’ve got a list of 2,000 people for a venue that fits 56” And of course we’re doing all that, but I thought it was worth also giving some thought (and some voice) to why we’re inviting people.

It seems to me that there are a couple of broad dimensions to this: We’re inviting people because they’re interested in some aspect of what we’re doing and also because of what they might be able to add to the project themselves.

We want people who are interested in new ways of organising public services; people who have a specific interest in the issues around the riots, working with young people or social care and social justice generally; people who’s thing is organising without organisations or the growing peer2peer movement; people who like interesting ways to use twitter rather than just talking about your breakfast or pimping your new book; and there’ll be people who have a stake in one or more of those communities that were heavily hit by rioting as well as those whose community organising helped to reduce the chances or prevent anti-social behaviour starting at all. And is it possible to find any reformed rioters who’ve been doing good since last year to tell their story?

We also want these people to be able to do something for us. Of course we want people to go away and Do Good Things afterwards but we also want people who can maybe promote what we’re doing to a wider audience; or give us some input and advice on the project; people who want to give us more money would be nice or who want to partner with us in other ways – maybe white-labelling the system for themselves. It would also be good to bring in people who are just fun and entertaining to be around and if there are people with a big following who can attract even more attention to what we’re doing then that can’t be a bad thing either.

So I’m going to get my address book out now. In the meantime if you think there are any other sorts of people we should have, give us a shout!

Contributed by Lloyd


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