Getting people together to do good things

#wewillgather isn’t magic

Yes, some of its results feel magical, the feeling of doing something positive and constructive instead of vegging in front of the telly, the new relationships you’re building, the excited light you see in other people’s eyes when they realise they’ve become part of something bigger than them.

And it feels kind of magical to send a tweet to a machine and get one back telling you that you’ve set up an event page.

But it’s not magic (yet) it’s machines talking to each other – just a tool that’s doing what it was designed to do, it’s not a magic wand. You still have to do some work – once you’ve set up your event you still need to do many of the things you’ve always needed to do to organise something and that includes finding and cajoling people to sign up. There isn’t an army of volunteers sitting around waiting for your call to action. Forget any idea that there are a bunch of anonymous people out there on the internet just waiting for someone to organise something. It’s unlikely that just because you put it on #wewillgather.. “they *will* come!”. Because that’s not how people who do this kind of stuff behave. If they want to take some action, they get up and organise their own action, thank you.

You’ll get much better results by asking a few friends to join in (and perhaps bring some of their friends that you don’t already know). Building on strengthening those existing but weak relationships is much easier than starting new ones completely from scratch.

Although of course, some people *like* to do it the hard way!


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This entry was posted on October 4, 2012 by in Blog, Guidance.

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