Getting people together to do good things


#wewillgather is for people who want to get on with making the places they live better for everybody.

It lets people create a community action, and once they’ve started that Good Thing it uses Twitter to help gather the people needed to make it happen.

At the core of #wewillgather is an idea; that social networks like Twitter let ordinary people organise Good Things for themselves, without having to either create or rely on an organisation. Here at #wewillgather we all love Clay Shirky who described that as ‘organising without organisations’.

To make #wewillgather work, there will be a website (live in August 2012) and more importantly, some events around the UK to show what the site can do.

#wewillgather is made by Revolutionary Arts with funding from Nesta and the Office for Civil Society. It’s supported by vInspired and the RSA Fellowship.

About #riotcleanup

The people behind #wewillgather started a mass social movement overnight, called #riotcleanup. That Good Thing helped communities affected by rioting to rebuild, from the street up, and involved hundreds of people and over 90,000 followers on Twitter.

“The people who spontaneously came out to help tidy up, that’s anarchy. Anarchy’s not smashing windows and taking tellies, anarchy’s not setting light to branches of McDonalds. That don’t change nothing. Anarchy is people organising themselves for the common good in some way, without anyone coming round and giving them orders.” Billy Bragg

Get involved

We’d love to have you more involved, especially as there’s no big organisation behind #wewillgather. If you’d like to get involved with moderating, promoting, supporting or fundraising for #wewillgather rather than just sign up for one of the Good Things on the site, email dan@wewillgather.co.uk

Share it!

#wewillgather by Revolutionary Arts is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.

We’re also making the code behind #wewillgather available under an Open Source licence, so you can build your own version to use. Available soon!

#wewillgather has been produced by Revolutionary Arts with funding from Nesta & the Office for Civil Society.


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