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Dan Thompson

Dan is a social artist and a social activist. He runs Revolutionary Arts, who made #wewillgather. Dan started #riotcleanup, which led to praise from David Cameron, although Dan was more chuffed to hear Billy Bragg talk about it. He usually does a lot of work with empty shops and has written Pop Up Business For Dummies for people interested in that kind of thing.

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or email dan@wewillgather.co.uk

Sophie Collard

Sophie is a travel writer and copywriter. She blogs about trains. She is #wewillgather’s copywriter, amongst other things. Sophie created the hashtag #riotcleanup, perhaps her proudest moment of all time. She was pictured in the Sunday papers holding her broom from the Clapham Junction clean up and quoted talking about using social media for good.

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or email sophie@wewillgather.co.uk

Lloyd Davis

Lloyd is a master community builder. Lloyd has done theatre, information management and public service regulation and founded London’s highly influential Tuttle Club. Lloyd writes, speaks and consults about the uses of social technology. He has been Social Artist in Residence at the University of London’s Centre for Creative Collaboration since 2010.


or email lloyd@wewillgather.co.uk


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